Learning and Development Strategy – an overview

As an organisation, Access Community Trust strive for excellence in our approach to developing our employees and volunteers and continue to face changes, challenges and new opportunities. We recognise that a competent, motivated and well trained workforce is essential to sustain growth, diversification and continuing success.

We will value our employees and volunteers and their impact to achieve the Trusts aims and commitments. We will recruit and retain a high quality and motivated workforce by encouraging input and development of all our employees and volunteers.

We use the ‘Valuing your Talent’ Framework to help us better understand our workforce and people related activities.

Customer Experience Strategy – an overview

In 2016 Access Community Trust embarked upon a Customer based strategy primarily to achieve 2 main developments, but to also underpin our continued development:

• To relegate into history the ideology that paid staff should decide on what is best for our clients without consulting, involving or giving them a genuine voice
• That Access Community Trust would continue to lead the sector in partnership working, not by just working in partnership with our funders and our customers, but that we would embrace technology in order to provide confidential feedback systems. Such systems will allow us to compare consolidated feedback across the whole of Access' operational portfolio including site by site and staff by staff comparison.

The two key objectives above embody many operational philosophies are contained within five strands, which we term the strands of coproduction, and include an auditable customer charter which is regularly carried out. The five strands consist of:

• We will listen to our customers and act on their feedback
• We will provide a safe environment for our customers
• We will encourage our customers individuality and involve them in decisions about their support and our services
• We will communicate effectively with our customers throughout their journey
• We will ensure that our customers are supported for by skilled and caring staff

At Access we work tirelessly to further improve and enhance the services we provide. It's that ethos, drive and commitment which helps to make Access the organisation it is and why it is best placed to deliver any customer focused services across a range of themes and locations.

Time to Shine Strategy – Our approach to Youth Participation

This strategy explicitly seeks to more centrally position and capitalise upon the unique approach and contribution that youth work provision has towards Access’ priorities and beyond. To support the strategic vision and goals there will be a well-structured dialogue across Access Community Trust Management and Trustees and those engaged in the sector locally and regionally to report directly on youth work practice. This group advises on key issues and developments associated with the implementation of this strategy, and provides a critical forum for debate on issues pertinent to the growth and development of youth work.

The Co-production of services make the organisational system more efficient and more responsive together with being more effective in meeting the communities needs. This on-going dialogue and assessment of need makes youth services altogether more humane, trust worthier and more valued, this in turn becomes transforming for those who use it.

Access is committed to community participation and the entrepreneurial flair of young people. We have always resonated with local needs but aspire to align with national and International issues to ensure it maintains relevance and cutting edge practice to innovate the local communities it works alongside.

Access invests in practitioners who have a personality and love their job. This was identified as essential when exploring the skills needed for practitioners at our working group with young people at Access. Our belief is that staff who stimulate, enrich and stretch young people need to have a personality that feels and feeds the unique skill sets that are required for the growth and stimulation that is essential when working with and alongside young people.

New Sign New Time – Our approach to Adult Participation

This strategy builds upon our Customer Experience Vision for Access Community Trust, sitting alongside our Time to Shine Youth Strategy, Learning and Development and Organisational Development Strategic visioning. Our Customer Experience Strategy clearly outlines 5 standards that put our customers at the heart of Access Community Trust. The New Sign New Time Strategy sets out our vision for the active participation of adult customers and integrates our vision into existing strategies and standards providing a strategic framework to measure the Social Impact and Emotional Well-being.

New Sign New Time’s central idea is that ‘social networks are valuable assets’. Interaction enables people to build communities, to commit themselves to each other, and to knit the social fabric. A sense of belonging and the concrete experience of social networks (and the relationships of trust and tolerance that can be involved) can, bring great benefits to Access Community Trust and our communities.

It becomes a shared set of values, virtues, and expectations our communities as a whole.

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Our vision is to promote social inclusion for the community benefit by preventing people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society.