Day 1

We all met at Sam’s for a hot drink then once we had all arrived we headed over to the Excelsior to meet with the Crew.

Once we arrived we were welcomed by the crew. We were asked to put our bags/sleeping bags on Deck till we were asked to put our belongings down in our bunks. Once this was done we were asked to meet in the Saloon to look at the map and charts to discuss where we will be traveling. We spoke about the vessel, when it was made (1921) how long it is (23meters) and that it used to be a fishing boat. The Crew made it clear they will try involve the group in all decisions made. We were also given an excelsior book, pen and wrist band each to make notes throughout our journey with them.

Once we were familiar with the Saloon, Toilets (Heads), Kitchen and Bunks we were told we each had a life Jacket in our bunks, we were shown by Karol (Crew member) How it works if we were to fall over board and what to do if it doesn’t inflate once in the water.

Our Skipper Gavin had written up on the board everyone’s time table for the week.

Group 1
Vinney (Crew member), Heidi, Rebecca and Bob.

Group 2
Karol (Crew member), Amberley (AJ), Joe and Tommy.

Group 3
Gavin (Skipper) Steph, Darren and Arron.

Before we set off we all got together and made everyone lunch, once finished we then got our life jackets on and started to begin our journey.

We had all agreed that we would sail to Harwich anchor there and stay for the night.

Leaving Lowestoft was very choppy and some of our voyagers began to feel sick and unfortunately a few were. It took a while for all of us other than the crew to get our sea legs as it was very hard to stand let alone walk. As soon as we hit the sea we started our shifts depending what group you wear. Group 3 were on Dinner Duty, they went down to the Saloon/Kitchen and cooked up roast chicken, veg, mash and gravy which was enjoyed by the whole group.

As we got closer to Harwich we learnt as a group how to take the sails down and prepare to drop the Anchor. Once the Anchor was dropped and we all put the sails down a lot of the group were still excited and stayed up a little longer to talk of the trip so far.

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