Day 2

Group 2 were on Breakfast duty so we were up Half hour before everyone else.

After Breakfast we all got on deck to set the sail’s up and Make our way to Mersey Island. Each group had a Crew member who taught us how to work/run the boat. On each shift one person from there group would learn how to steer the boat for half hour at a time till the next person would swap and go on watch to make sure we weren’t going to hit a lobster pot buoy, any floating objects or any cardinal buoys.

We set sail to Mersey Island where we would use the boats speed boat to travel over too once we had Anchored the Excelsior.

Group 3 were on lunch and made us all sandwiches with the left over chicken. Once lunch was finished with, group three then cleaned up.

Three/four at a time we headed over to Mersey island once we had anchored. When we all arrived to Mersey Island we set out to look for some wood to make a fire. Whilst this was happening Darren was setting up the BBQ and I was with the group collecting wood.

After the wood was collected group 1 started putting the food on the BBQ ready for the rest of the crew to come over from the boat. We all had a great laugh and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and sunset around the fire. Gavin (Skipper) gathered us all round to speak about what we would do the next day and where would we like to go. The group all agreed that we would get up early and travel to Ramsgate where we would be able to shower.

Once we returned to the boat we all cleaned up and settled down for the evening as we had an early start to travel too Ramsgate.

The picture below was our view from Mersey Island looking at the Excelsior.

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