Day 4

Group one were on breakfast duty.

Once we all had breakfast we all then had Happy Hour which we all cleaned our bunks, Kitchen, Saloon and the toilets. After this was carried out we all went up and used the shower facilities in Ramsgate.

After we had completed Happy Hour we all sat down in the Saloon to have two lectures with Gavin.

Points of sail

Boat in Distress

After we had our lecture we then all discussed what our plan for the day would be. Gavin gave us the choice of spending the day in Ramsgate and traveling tomorrow morning early (5:30am) or we only spend a few hours at Ramsgate and start traveling in the evening (18:30pm). There were a few mixed feelings on this as some people wanted to do a long sail and some wanted to stay in Ramsgate for the night. Once we had all had our say we all decided to stay in Ramsgate and enjoy a bit of sight-seeing then continue our travels in the morning. Gavin asked that we were all back to the boat for Dinner at 18:00 and we were having roast pork.

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