Day 5

5am start to get the boat ready to leave Ramsgate to then start traveling to Ipswich. Once breakfast was done and the sails were up we all went and had another two lectures later in the morning.


What to look for.

  • • Wind

  • • Visibility

  • • Sea State

Useful weather info

  • • Radio

  • • Phone

  • • Internet

  • • VHF Radio

  • • Harbour Master

  • • Nav Text

  • • Local Knowledge

  • • Own Obs

Throughout the trip when we all had time, Karol taught us how to do many Knots. Picture added below.

We all worked very hard on practising the Knots as we knew we would all be tested at the end of the trip.

After practising Knots group 1 were busy making pasta for Dinner.

On deck we were having a bit of fun whilst others were practising Knots and waiting for lunch. The skipper put two from our group (Steph and Tommy) in a particular Knot to see if they could figure out how to get out of it as it can be done. This was very entertaining to watch.

Throughout Day 5 and 6 we would be left to put up the sails and put to work the knowledge we had practised and learnt over the week. We had the crew around us at all times making sure we were making the correct moves. We had the chance to put up the sails and bring them down in the day and at night with the only light being the moon.

We arrived at Ipswich and docked the boat. We all met down in the Saloon to discuss what time we were all to be back on the boat by. Everyone to be back no later than midnight.

We all went and did our own thing and it was very clear everybody had a good evening which was great, there were smiles all-around.

Once everyone was back on the boat we all chatted about each other’s evenings had some food then went to bed.

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