Day 6

Early start, we were in Ipswich for a little while in the morning as Gavin had to refuel the boat before we left for Lowestoft.

Unfortunately due to bad weather heading our way we had to travel to Lowestoft on the Saturday and were unable to travel through the night due to high winds.

Most of the group spent their free time revising ready for their test the next day. Groups of two would practice Knots and read through the competent crew book down in the saloon.

We arrived in Lowestoft around 7-8 in the evening. Gavin said we could leave the boat but to be back by 10:00 or the gates will be closed. Only a few popped to the shop to get some bits then returned to the boat and started there evening of revision. We had blind cards that we practised on each other and worked together to show one another how to do a particular Knot if they were stuck.

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