Day 7

8am breakfast.

Once we had all had breakfast and were dressed we all had Happy Hour and cleaned the boat top to bottom. While we were cleaning many were revising as one by one we were taking to a separate room where we were all tested. We had to get 4 out of 5 correct to pass. There was a lot of tension at this point because none of us wanted to fail as we felt we had worked so hard, so it was great to see people smiling once they had passed and finally got that anxiety of their chests. Gavin then got the maps out to see how far we had travelled and the directions we had taken.

We were all asked questions about the trip like what could we take home with us from this trip, what did we expect, what was most difficult etc.

We then did an anonymous sheet about what we thought about the trip and put our forms in an envelope.

After all that was done we were passed out our Certificates from Gavin and thanked for joining them on this trip and that they would happily have us back on again, and if anyone was interested they could volunteer.

The whole group were also surprised with a t-shirt each from the crew because of how well we worked as a team and made the trip so enjoyable.

Tommy and Arron threw a bucket of water over Vinney (crew member) because it was our last day but they had to let Vinny get them also with a bucket of water

It was a good laugh and we managed to take some good pictures. After this the boys went and got changed.

We had our last pictures and said our good byes. Till next time…

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