3 Peaks Challenge: Day 3 – Glen Nevis – Immovoulin, Callendar

Another grey and drizzly morning as the cyclists set off on their first leg of their 500 mile journey. What was meant to be a 75 miles through the Scottish countryside from the base of Ben Nevis to our next campsite at Immervoulin turned into a 90 mile one when Barry led the team 15 miles in the opposite direction the moment they left us at camp!! Just what the legs needed after their exertion the day before!

After we had waved the boys off we set about packing up camp, rain still keeping us soggy and forcing us to speed up our tired legs. Battling the millions of midges and my inability to get my pop up tent de popped nearly resulted in the first temper tantrum of the trip..but Bob to the rescue and we waved a final goodbye to our new mountain friend. Just as the ignition of the minibus was turned the clouds departed and the sun shone. Typical!

We headed south, passing the cyclists at lunchtime…but as Steve was in a state of half undress (the heat was rising) we resisted the temptation of a beep and headed on to a town called Killen at the base of Loch Tay. A beautiful town with a river running through it where we stopped for a drink and watched the water running by. A pit stop at the gift shop to stock up on traditional shortbread for Grandmas and we headed for camp to meet Barry, Trev and Steve. Immervoulin campsite is nestled at the base of huge hills by a river, and we were welcomed by a family of ducks and ducklings who seemed intent on eating my Crocs (I know they aren’t everyones cup of tea, but no need for that kind of behaviour!)

Tired and hungry we headed into Callendar for our first meal that didn’t involve being fried..sumptious steak pies, glorious venison casseroles and a scampi and chips later a full team headed back to camp for our first night of dry and warm sleep. And what a view we would wake up to in the morning!

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