3 Peaks Challenge: Day 4 – Immervoulin – Moffat

After what turned into a chilly night we woke to blue skies and enjoyed cups of tea undiluted by rainwater! Waving goodbye to the intrepid cyclist, who had a 100miles ahead of them we packed up camp and headed off for a day of culture to the fine city of Edinburgh. Quickly realising parking a minibus and trailer in a busy city centre was an impossibility the girls and I left Bob to begin our whistle stop tour of Edinburgh’s sights.

As I watched the girls genuine excitement and interest as we visited the café Harry Potter was written in, St Giles Cathedral, The National Museum of Scotland, the monument of Greyfriars Bobby, Edinburgh Castle and watched street performers and bagpipe players it really hit home to me what an amazing experience this trip is for them. Having barely left our home town of Lowestoft, the girls threw themselves into soaking up the culture of the city, learning to play Scottish instruments, holding an owl and smiling as we explored the streets and as we got on the minibus Gina commented “Its so great to see how different other places are in the country. I thought everywhere was just like Lowestoft and now I know everywhere is so different it makes me want to see more places”. That really is what all this is about. New experiences, new challenges and raising aspirations. It seems like by day 4 our girls have really embraced that, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Back in the bus after finally finding Bob we headed on to Moffat, our camp for the night. Both girls were asleep before we had left the city centre, and I wasn’t far behind. We arrived at the campsite exactly the same time as our cycling team who had had a long and hot day pedalling…and a near death experience for Barry as he came of the road and treated onlookers to a somersault over the handlebars, landing on his head. Evidently Barry bounces and after a quick check of his vitals on they carried.

Dinner this evening was an assortment of stunning pies, but the pub made the mistake of forgetting the gravy for Trev and Steve, and mine and Barry’s order never made it to the kitchen, as they order printer ran out of paper. Note to self: When a man has burnt off over 3000 calories in a day he is not prepared to wait for feeding, nor is he prepared to eat pie without gravy. Thankfully the staff were very lovely, and knew not to argue with two exhausted and starving ex police officers so we ended up with 3 free meals and a round of drinks. Yes, Barry really is that scary!!

Off to bed we went, preparing ourselves for a predicted 3am downpour and ready for our next journey to the Lake District.

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