3 Peaks Challenge: Day 5 – Moffatt – Wasdale Head

After a surprisingly relatively dry night the boys set off on their next 100 mile leg cycle to the Lake District. I was on laundry duty and we took the time to blow dry our still saturated walking boots and de camp. Not too far away from Moffatt is the town of Lockerbie, made famous by the horrific events on 21st December 1988 where a Pan Am flight to New York from London was bombed and the broken up plane fell onto the town killing all on board and 11 residents on the ground. We stopped at the memorial garden just outside the town and were greeted by the most wonderful, charismatic and engaging lady who took great pleasure in taking us through the impact of such an enormous event. It really was an emotional and sobering visit and certainly one we won’t forget in a hurry. Heading on to the Lake District the landscape changed as huge rolling hills and valleys came into view and Bob navigated the minibus and trailer like a pro through narrow winding lanes. After setting up camp I took the girls off for a 5 mile hike across fields of sheep, through valleys and along streams to see Wast Water, which was once voted Britain’s best view. We all agreed we could have sat there by the water all evening. Once back at camp the cyclists had arrived, sore, tired and above all sunburnt! We debated whether to head out for dinner or just cook on Barry’s sunburnt head! The heat had been almost unbearable for them cycling, particularly as they were faced with hill after hill that never seemed to end. The narrow lanes meant there were a few near misses with oncoming cars, but thankfully no somersaulting over handlebars! After a fantastic meal in the villages local pub bed called, as we prepared ourselves for the next day’s climb up Scafell Pike!

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