Become a Friend

We are inviting new and existing friends, who may have supported and shaped the Trust and the work they have been developing over the last 40 years, to join us.

We intend circulating a twice yearly newsletter which will keep our members fully informed of the initiatives and progress we have been making as a front line caring organisation. We hope that you will be happy to subscribe to a small annual subscription (I would suggest £20) which will be used to support the work the Trust is delivering. Your newsletter will report on how our funds are being used.

Access was formed from the St. John’s Housing Trust in 2013, which in turn developed from the Lowestoft Night Shelter in 1984, 9 years after its inception. The work of the Trust in those early years was limited to the provision of food and accommodation. Recently the Trust changed its name to Access to express clearly the enlarged services it provides not only to those it houses but also to those who need all its services in Lowestoft, which includes health and wellbeing, education and employment.

Access' Vision is to promote social inclusion for the benefit of the community by providing accommodation, employment, health and enrichment activities. The Ethos is "to support individuals to achieve their potential."

Having been involved almost since the beginning in 1975, I have watched Access developing into a great local success story and seen it expand to meet far more of the needs of not just those who are homeless, but also the many others who live in our community who need help and advice.

Staff and volunteers are all well trained in all aspects of equality and diversity law and especially the safeguarding of vulnerable people. Access practices all aspects of equal opportunities, full inclusion, bringing empowerment, protecting client’s dignity. It seeks to help all its clients in working towards promoting independence and raising self-esteem.

In August 2014, "Access the Globe” was opened in Lowestoft in the old Globe Public House as a "pioneering new initiative aimed at engaging young people in positive and productive activities via a variety of educational opportunities.” This adds to the very successful and much used Bridge View drop-in centre, established four years ago. All these are utterly necessary in helping those, otherwise marginalised in our society, to return to productive independence.

We invite you to be a party to the work of helping people to achieve their potential by becoming a member of the Friends of Access Community Trust.

Thank you.

Bernard Segrave-Daly
Chairman of Friends of Access Community Trust