Who are our Housing Services for?

Our housing related support for 16+ and sheltered accommodation services for the over 50’s are divided into the following categories and counties:
For further information contact details are provided next to each site or you can email


Young Person(s) Services which is for 16 to 21 years. Access Community Trust operates the following sites

Avenue Mansions, Lowestoft - 8 one bedroom flats
Telephone: 01502 562668

Beaconsfield House, Lowestoft - 19 one bedroom flats/bedsits and 4 bedrooms in a shared flat;
Telephone: 01502 514152

Leiston YPS: 8 single occupancy bedsitting rooms with shared kitchens/bathrooms x 4.
Telephone: 01728830073

Felixstowe, 12 beds in total. 6 are divided over 3 flats (2 rooms in each flat sharing a kitchen and bathroom) and then 2 houses each with 3 individual rooms, sharing a kitchen and bathroom.
Telephone: 01394 285243

Single Person(s) Homeless Service which is for 18 years + are operated by Access Community Trust in the following locations

Fyffe Centre, Lowestoft - 27 single rooms with shared communal toilet and washing facilities. Meals are also provided.
Telephone: 01502 569033

Phoenix House, Lowestoft - 22 bedrooms some of which have their own wash and toilet facilities. Residents provide their own food and have access to a communal kitchen.
Telephone: 01502 587061

Young Parent(s) Service This is for 16 to 21 years and are operated by Access Community Trust in the following locations

Haven Court, Lowestoft - 13 units, 6 one bedroom flats and 7 bedsits. This is for the 16 -24 age group. Can accept couples.
Telephone: 01502 589657

Homeless Families Service This is for single/couple adults 18 years + with children.

Coppice Court, Lowestoft has 19 one and two bedroom flats, 4 x two bedroom bungalows and 1 x one bedroom bungalow. Telephone: 01502 580487.

Sheltered Accommodation the over 50’s

Denmark House, Lowestoft - There are up to 10 bedrooms. Laundry and catering services are provided.
Telephone: 01502 587947

For further information on how to apply for Housing Related Support with Suffolk County Council, please click the link below:

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Single Person(s) Homeless Service which is for 18 years+

John Room House, Thetford - 10 bedsits with kitchens and toilets and showers and 12 one bedroom flats.

What do our Housing Services provide?

All the services apart from Denmark House provide support to enable customers to progress over a maximum period of 18 months to independent living. Every one of those customers will complete a fully documented and jointly agreed upon agreed support plan which is reviewed at least once every 6 weeks to progress towards independent living. We can provide access to a wide range of skills based activities such as cooking, cleaning and horticulture. We also provide access to advocacy support to ensure customers receive all the support they need from statutory services. In addition, we also signpost customers to other services and support them to become economically active through Employment, Education, Training or Volunteering.

When customers are ready we also assist them to secure move on accommodation.

How can you link with Access?

All Suffolk based services (apart from Denmark House, Haven Court and Coppice Court) can only be secured by completing an online application via the Suffolk County Council’s Homeless Gateway Service.
Access Community Trust can provide support to complete the application where required by calling our Bridgeview office on: 01502 513974.

Applications can also be made by third parties on behalf of potential customers.

Denmark House is a direct access scheme which means you can contact them using the details above.

Coppice Court and Haven Court nominations are via Waveney District Council.

To enquire about John Room House, Thetford you need to present in person to the Housing Services department at Breckland District Council.

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Our vision is to promote social inclusion for the community benefit by preventing people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society.