Allotment Project

Here at Access Community Trust we have been running a very successful allotment activity now for many months.

Situated on an idyllic site off the beaten track, it has proven to be very positive for engaging many people in many ways.

Sessions are typically configured to suit both young and old on either an individual or group basis. Session length is generally to suit the individual with the activities tending to be seasonally led.

Most people that have attended the activity days agree the many benefits i.e. fresh air, vigorous exercise, home-grown produce to eat and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle improving not only the body but the mind as well. It’s a very peaceful place to be.

Coupled with the above, the allotment has also proven to be a continual learning environment for most that has attended promoting an introduction to new vegetables, growing cycles, nutrients, crop rotation, fauna, flora and animal habitats. Every day is different.

For those that are not green fingered, we offer woodworking, general maintenance and for the more creative photography at the site to document the seasonal progress.

Tea and coffee are on constant supply and towards the end of the session we all gather round the open fire for a bacon sandwich, burger or a hotdog.

When our crops are ready to pick, we often incorporate these into the well-deserved end on session snack.

For further information, please contact Gary Pembroke on 07789586912 or email:

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