Access Community Trust provide a range of support for people with mental health, general wellbeing and emotional issues.

Hearts & Minds

Hearts & Minds

Hearts and Minds is an exciting collaborative project between our LEAF (Lived Experience Advisory Forum) members, rural councils and their communities across Bungay, Halesworth and Beccles. It provides free six-week bespoke training courses, which have been co-produced with the local lived experienced community and is available to residents, support organisations and businesses. Outcomes from the programme help to reduce stigma and raise awareness of the importance of mental health, whilst helping to build stronger, safer and connected rural communities.

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Waveney LEAF

Waveney LEAF

Waveney Lived Experience Advisory Forum (LEAF) is a service co-produced between Access Community Trust and the lived experience community across Waveney.

Our forum has been set up in response to the need highlighted by local people for a safe, supportive environment to share their lived experiences of mental ill-health, either their own or as a support to another. We capture the voices of these individuals and create opportunities for their stories to be used to inform and influence positive change.

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Sax'cess House

Sax'cess House

This community-based asset opened in Summer 2019 and has established itself as a unique space for members of this rural community to come together through a range of rolling weekly activities and groups, which include Youth Services, Child Play, Sip and Stitch, Gardening, Cultural, Book Swap and Alzheimer’s awareness to name but a few.

Alongside this, Sax’cess House functions as a hub and meeting space for our Social Prescribing project, a program that allows health professionals to refer non-clinical patients to the charity in order to improve their health and wellbeing without applying additional pressures to a struggling NHS.

STEAM House Cafes (Mental Health support)

STEAM House Cafes (Mental Health support)

Discussions about mental health and wellbeing should never be stigmatised and that’s why STEAM House sits in the centre of the community – to encourage open and honest conversations and to raise awareness that it’s ok to not be ok.

Alongside providing holistic assistance to clients from a fully trained multi disciplined team, our venues doubles as a functioning coffee shop. Serving a range of drinks, savoury and sweet treats and sandwich menu from 10am-3pm daily.

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Locations include: Gorleston and King’s Lynn

Coming Soon: Lowestoft, Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich

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